Monday, April 25, 2005

Taa Daa

tasks complete

Although the cupboard door was a little tricky as the ajoining cupboard that sits at a T section made it reall hard to get the drill in and I ended up having to drill at an angle.
I also learned that if you mis-place a container of yogurt in your bedroom , you will eventually find it and it will NOT be a pleasant experience at all, infact it is somewhat akin to finding rotten eggs or even a dead body (like the melting man downstairs now he stunk really bad)

On a good note Tooki seems to have forgotten that her eggs were stolen already and is back to being the happy cherpy bird she was last week.

I wonder what cleopatra will do when she finds them hiden in her jewelery box?

Progress and Slackness

I have accomplished Tasks 1 and 3 and am partly though 2
I am currently feeling rather slack as Tooki my Lovebird whom I aways fancied as a male bird decided to lay eggs last week. Thankfully Tooki is a rather unisex name.

But while googling her silly behaviour as she has no boyfriend, it appears that I should have taken the first egg off her and that may have stopped the laying of the subsequent next egg, and next egg and next egg,,,, Now I have a silly bird trying to hatch 4 unfertile eggs , which apparently is bad for her health.

So not want to be the big egg stealing mama ,,,I threw a blanket over the cage so she couldn.t see who was out side the cage and with a lovely red, and green sock on my hand , A hude rabbitohs snake did stolr them eggs away..

Now I feel so bad as she is sitting on no eggs the silly girl. and I feel like SPOOT!!

Tasks for Today

I have set myself some Anzac day public holiday tasks.

  1. Clean Cleopatra's room ( as she is never going to finish it her self.....and I did the boys last week, so I feel a tad guilty.
  2. Clean My room , as it is by far the messiest room in the place, Well at least I admit to it!
  3. Screw the blind thingy into the wall so the stupid cords can be attached to it (Stupid roman Blinds)
  4. re-attach the pot and pans cupboard door that has fallen off 1000 times


Well My beautiful Sunday turned out to be quite a different day altogether , Farnsworth , whom I was so worried about ending up in some sort of plaster body apparel, came though the game relatively unscathed, which I guess shouldn't be a shock if you never get the ball.

On the other hand the silhouette was the one that needed the Medicare cards, as some fat ass Novacastrian (sp?) landed on his foot and squished it, which would be no mean feat as I fine it hard to believe that anyone could be fat enough to cause damage in the first place(more like he landed on his own foot) , considering some unknown fan on a certain web site stated "The silhouette was an absolute sensation.....He reminds me of Mark Riddell on a good day." which prompted a "That sucks ewwwww I don't like Mark Riddell " from a very disgruntled Cleopatra

Needless to say the employing club has had him whisked of to physio every day for the last two weeks so that he could play yesterday at Brookvale ( apparently It's a mad ground?)

Once again I missed the game as Farnsworth was playing again at the same time, this time he got the ball and ran. If he was to realise his potential and had a little confidence in himself , I think he just might be a good player. It is actually refreshing to watch football , when it is for fun and not serious like the silhouettes where every little thing you do is under scrutiny

Back to Brookvale , He played they won, unlike the spooty first grade , incidently I just heard on the news that heads were going to roll in first grade , which could have been a good thing IF the silhouettes foot had have been in fine form , which sadly I think is not.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Beach Blanket Bingo

While sitting on the ever so crowded bus on the way home from another day at torture with That boy , I noticed that the boy in front of me had a hair line that was almost identical to Frankie Avalon, it was very unnerving

Monday, April 11, 2005

Naughty Alpaca

My long awaited, well not that long , not even a week really has arrived. Farnsworth is in hysterics as he thinks it would have to be the dirtiest animal he has ever seen he is amused at the fact that the ocassional dag is present amonst it. I think he might be right. While I knew that this alpaca (A12 ) was not really a clean animal, I had no idea how dirty it REALLY was.

This will be an experience

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I suppose

I shall go and clean up now

My My MY Beautiful Sunday.

Oh what a glorious Day
Cleopatra has awoken, after no less that 1 hour of prompting, prodding and eventually yelling
She has stumbled into her AMF ever so creased work uniform, last nights orange bacardi breezers lip colouring and lovely panda eyes. She is wandering around in a state of obvious drunkedness.
Happy Bowling customers.....I think NOT

I shall not be making the trip to Newcastle (Gosford actually as Newcastles Energy Australia Stadium isn't ready til next week ) to watch the silhouette play the knights, I did however manage to ring him and wish him good luck. He was on the bus with the rest of the team, somehow I don't think phone calls from mummy are impressive.

I am however going to watch Farnsworth play fooseball, Which is a whole new kettle of fish. I have ensured I have packed all medical insurance and papers in my handbag and checked that my purse has sufficient funds to get us to the nearest casuality unit if required.

Too Busy

I think my blog looks too busy . I will fix it later

Saturday, April 09, 2005

It Fell

Sadly My other blog that I was trying to resurrect after the lord of the blogs sent me my long lost password Fell. The text has fallen to the bottom of the page and it can't get up. I am quite sad about that even though I have totally neglected it for at least 6 months.

Now thats a thought to ponder, While spell checking the above text , The spell checker assumes the word "blog" is an error and prompts you to change it to "Bloc". Ironic


This is a test 1, 2, 3