Monday, April 25, 2005

Progress and Slackness

I have accomplished Tasks 1 and 3 and am partly though 2
I am currently feeling rather slack as Tooki my Lovebird whom I aways fancied as a male bird decided to lay eggs last week. Thankfully Tooki is a rather unisex name.

But while googling her silly behaviour as she has no boyfriend, it appears that I should have taken the first egg off her and that may have stopped the laying of the subsequent next egg, and next egg and next egg,,,, Now I have a silly bird trying to hatch 4 unfertile eggs , which apparently is bad for her health.

So not want to be the big egg stealing mama ,,,I threw a blanket over the cage so she couldn.t see who was out side the cage and with a lovely red, and green sock on my hand , A hude rabbitohs snake did stolr them eggs away..

Now I feel so bad as she is sitting on no eggs the silly girl. and I feel like SPOOT!!


Blogger Harriet said...

I read this last week and I still laugh thinking about the nasty egg sttealing rabbitohs snake!

1:12 PM  

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