Saturday, August 13, 2005

I must remember

I must remember to lose at least 10KG before I go shopping at Bondi Junction again.... It was not a good experience.

On another note the poor silhouette went to Canberra last night to play fooseball, and he said it was freezing this morning , The poor little darling will frezze to death later on today when he has to play, and his mummy didn't go to watch him.
I feel really bad that I am not there but I figured an interstate trip and all ,, even though it would have been only a few hours on a train was just a little to far to go, But i will be a nervous wreck until I here from him again. I have this major fear that something bad will happen if I am not there, something like
A) Him losing his temper and decking someone.
B) Him illegaly tackling someone ( He seem to do this even in my presence)
C) Him injuring himself, Badly
D) Him telling his coach to go intercourse himself, (something I wish to do myself)


Blogger kate said...

You wish to intercourse with yourself?

5:08 PM  

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